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My Firsthand experience for a news report in the street of Dublin

On the 2nd of November, 2019 ,I went to the protest despite of the weather because it is very serious situation at the moment in Dublin.  When I arrived there, the people were slowly gathering for the protest at General Post Office. They were from the People from Profit party, locals , a news reporter, […]

What is the job for a content writer ?

Content writer is the best job you can think for if you are want to take your passion for your writing to the next level. You choose your own design , your writing style and the best part is you can make living out of it. All you need to do is write ! write! […]

Fake News on Social Media : Research

The picture of the Giant man-bats spent the days gathering fruit and conversations; goat-like creatures with blue skin; a temple made of polished sapphire. It creates a commotion among people that raise the sale of the newspaper —rooted by the term “fake news”, coined by the US elected President Donald trump, delivered its origins during […]

My first experience when I was covering a court news

On 6th December, 2019 at 8:30 am, the lecturers gave us instruction and send us to different locations. We had to make a news report in order to submit before the deadline. I was sent to the criminal justice court, Phoenix Park where I was told to cover a news report on a sentence case. […]

How to make a C V to apply for a job ?

Many has struggle to make that prefect C V that you want when you are applying for job . The resume or C V (Curriculum Vitae) is the most important when you try out for a new job . It should be impressive with a strong reference and the most important thing is how much […]

How to focus your camera and frame it ?

The video was filmed at the Grand Canal in Clanbrassil Street Upper, Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 8. I shoot the scene from the Robert Emmett Bridge. A single-arch bridge that is over the Grand Canal. I chose a full shoot frame which shows the beautiful canal where the River Liffey flows. It says the canal […]

” I volg myself ” : First hand experience

I  Vlog myself and talked about my experiences of living and studying here in Dublin, Ireland. The scene was shot at my room because I thought that audio quality will be better than shooting outside. I chose a close shot for the frame in this video because it will be able to focus mainly into […]

Problems of high living cost for International student

It is the most important issue right now in Dublin.  But, it mostly affect international student like me. According to the report in Journal, Fraud, high rents and no accommodation are the issues for international students who are studying at Irish colleges and universities. The report also interviewed of one the student who commutes from […]

An Irish University Campus technology helps disable to speaks and see technological!

Technological University Dublin supported by Disability Federation Ireland organized a lunch event for disable people to communicate with the help of their application called as Open CHAT today at the University at 10:07 am. The application is a collaboration of two companies, Sight and Sound Technology based on UK and Freedom Tech based on USA. […]

A Sample for how to write a cover letter for a job ?

Trouble writing a cover letter ? Don’t worry . I have carefully research and design this sample for you so that you will know how to write one ? So, here is a sample for you when you apply for a job. Sukrity Sharma  “your email address ” your phone number  Honorable Sir/Ma’m,  My name […]

My ongoing research on the impact of Fake News on Social Media

The picture of the Giant man-bats spent the days gathering fruit and conversations; goat-like creatures with blue skin; a temple made of polished sapphire. It creates a commotion among people that raise the sale of the newspaper. —rooted by the term “fake news”, coined by the US elected President Donald trump, delivered its origins during […]

Protesters attacks the Dubliners with their Protest

Dublin Homeless Awareness, a non profit organization collaboration with People from Profit , a right wing party protest about homeless in Dublin at the O’ Connell street at 2:30 pm on Saturday. The protest was demonstrated to provide awareness about the increase of the homeless people. Around 20 people showed up for the protest including […]

Future : A short Story

There was a time when humans are afraid of unknown causes and death , but times have changed .It is the year of 3000 where humans are not subject of humanity itself but the subject of modern ideology and beliefs in their invention of the era that made some of the notorious mystery possible like […]

Ballerina on Ice

within your wall , I lay back As I get into the skin tone of your love I want to dance like Ballerina on Ice and enjoy my life Take this life away as now I am happy dancing on the ice Play the music of waltz that muse my soul As I am at […]

Incomplete !

The macabre of your scare keeps me awake for a bright hope  Yes!  Hope, feeling the strength of the remains within me  But it keeps on hunting by me, the soul of desire! Feeling like the rust of carnival playing the old songs of memories, waiting for my soul to wash away Enlighten me with […]

Surrounded by books ?

Am I REALLY surrounded by books or words? AM I REALLY surrounded by the sarcasm of it? HEY!  I am not one of your toy to be played around like in the book Is it meant to be? People say books are good, but I ain’t gonna be tangled with your foxily words fool!! Laugh […]

What is freedom ?

Falling from the sky like an angel tonight I fall into the way , into the night Of the dreams like a freebird Of the dreams like a freebird Nights are getting alone without my free live The nature where I am meant to belong as a free live I just wanted to be free […]


 Foundation of the youth Foundation of the relationship Foundation of the life All of this has screwed me up as the wars between socialist and capitalist nations go on Making me feeling like a falling failure of my own foundation Taking this foundation and explain my own foundation is inferable Standing between light and dark […]

10 life hacks for better sleep to the students

Sleep is one of the most essential day to day activities that a human being does, in fact every living being does. Without a proper sleep, your brain can’t function or maintain your body that helps your brain to learn and make new memories, helps in concentration and respond fast. It is also important for […]

Are you flu-bomb or not ? : Importance of Flu vaccination

Flu- bomb is important for us to protect. At this time of the year, people are more prone to getting flu due to the weather. It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the weather most likely to change every season. According to the HSE, 200 to 500 Irish die from this virus […]

1950s’ Irish history came alive through the lens

People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them —James Baldwin National Museum of Ireland decorative and History I Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7 held photo exhibition, Ireland in Focus: Photographing the 1950’s to celebrate the works of three photographers from France and North America. The exhibition will be held from 21st […]

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